This absolutely creative soap dispenser glows for 20 seconds while you wash your hands!

Creatives are always up to the task when it comes to enhancing lives. Whether it’s a tiny 3D printed component that creatively turns a scuba mask into a respirator or a series of shipping containers that can be attached to a hospital to innovatively extend its wards to accept more patients, there’s nothing more uplifting than a great idea that actually makes a difference… and the Lumo Soap Dispenser gets that distinction too.

Instead of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice every time you wash your hands (and possibly singing it a little too fast out of pure irritation), the Lumo Soap Dispenser bottle helps you time your hand-washes by simply lighting up for exactly 20 seconds every time you dispense some soap. The 20-second hand-washing routine has been prescribed by the CDC and the WHO as the most effective method of neutralizing any virus that may be on your hands. Health officials and scientists claim that 20 seconds is enough for you to thoroughly wash every single part of your hands and fingers, and for the soap you use to dissolve the layer of protein around the virus and kill it… the only problem is that it’s really easy to forget it as you wash your hands anywhere between 5 and 15 times in a single day, every day.

What the Lumo Soap Dispenser does (and I personally love that name) is quite simple. It provides a visual cue that lets you know when 20 seconds are over… like a traffic light, but for exterminating germs. Just pump some soap out and the plunger activates a light that stays steady for 20 full seconds. Each Lumo Soap Dispenser even comes with a sticker that guides you through the CDC-recommended hand washing routine. Once the light goes off, you know you’re good to rinse and go about the rest of your day!

The Lumo Soap Dispenser was designed by Brandon Bourn, a mechanical and electrical engineer who just wanted to help humanity in his own way while his girlfriend, an ICU nurse, fought on the front-line to stop the pandemic. He’s designed and optimized the product and even mobilized manufacturing right out of his garage. With a bit of luck, the Lumo Soap Dispenser should make it out of his home and into yours by June, so just bear with the fact that we’ll have to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to keep ourselves safe till then.

Designers: Brandon Bourn, Brian Bourn & Melanie Grubb

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Lumo – Soap Dispenser that Glows for 20 Seconds

The Lumo is a soap dispenser that glows for about 20 seconds of handwashing—the minimum time recommended by the CDC.

In the world of COVID-19, lathering up your hands the right way is more important than ever. A 20-second hand scrub is simple in theory. But let’s be real—sometimes we go through those a little faster than we should. And for even the most vigilant hand washers out there, that 20-second wash isn’t doing much for you if the people you live and work with—your family, significant others, roommates, coworkers—aren’t doing the same.

That’s where Lumo comes in. With Lumo, you’ll know that you are getting the perfect hand scrub every single time. The signature soap pump lights up for 20 seconds of hand-washing, and comes with a sticker for the bottle or mirror that describes and reminds about the 7 steps for a proper handwashing.

Washing your hands consistently and effectively is an essential first step to protecting yourself, and everyone around you. The above image is a UV light comparison of handwashing stages.

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