I could watch this absolutely gorgeous Ferrari F399 concept drive down the LeMans all day long!

Designed as the spirit-challenger of the 2019 Aston Martin Valkryie (and you’ll see a bit of that Valkryie soul in this bad-boy), the Ferrari F399 concept was created by automotive designer Sabino Leerentveld as a hypothetical blend of an F1 LeMans racer and a hypercar.

Overall, needless to say, the car looks like it would tear up the asphalt and summon the devil living below (not sure if that’s entirely hyperbole), and was named after the F288 GTO… the F399 being its nomenclature successor. (Not to be confused with F399, the F1 racecar)

The Ferrari F399 concept is one of the few examples of an entirely organic design process that started from an idea and reached its finished version without a steady path connecting the two. Spending less time conceptualizing and more time building, Sabino directly took his concept to the CAD modeling phase. Chasing an aggressive design that was also dominated by actual functional surfaces, Sabino created the concept that he went on to name the F399. The racecar obviously comes in Ferrari’s classic red, and sports a closed cockpit, indicating a future where Formula 1 drivers will be completely enclosed within their racecars… but that’s enough of me talking. Scroll down below to view this divine embodiment of charisma in crimson.

Designer: Sabino Leerentveld