Enhance Your Food Sense

I have heard of this restaurant where they serve food in total darkness. The reason behind it is that, when we block our visual perception our other senses get heightened, thereby making the meal experience more enjoyable. On a similar pattern is the SENSE tableware, which consists of Scent Flowers, Hot Stone Plates, Palate Cleansers and a Hot Ice Tea Ceremony.

The Scent Flowers explode your smell-senses with an aromatic experience and can be assigned to accompany specific dishes.

Hot Stone Plates are porcelain plates with inlaid warm basalt stones heated in stock or oil. This makes the meal more nutritious.

Palate Cleansers here, are essentially mint vapors which cleanse your palate between courses.

The Hot Ice Tea Ceremony consists of a table and tea set that are a part of a modern tea serving ceremony. “Placing the tea carafe on the table will set of the crystallization of the ‘Hot Ice’ that will run through the tabletop into the double walled tea glasses. Do not trust your eyes… the ice is hot! ”

Designer: Katrien Ploegmakers

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3KVTFDVitc 468 344]



SENSE Food Enhancer Tableware System by Katrien Ploegmakers