The Ichiro demonstrates what backpack-design for parents with toddlers looks like

You don’t need to look too far to find a bag that’s designed for business, or for travel, or for something very specific like photography. The traditional backpack sort of juggles the responsibilities of work, business, and of just storing items you carry everyday, but one would argue that it isn’t the best bag for something very specific… like parents with kids. I spent roughly an hour on the internet looking specifically for a bag for parents with toddlers, and my searches kept directing me to kid’s schoolbags. The truth is that nobody’s really outlined that gap in bag design yet, even though it’s reasonable to assume that there are more parents with young kids than there are photographers.

Ichiro by Kai really addresses that gap by being designed specifically for parents. Every element of the bag covers the need of a parent with a young child by dividing the bag’s storage in a way that accounts for every item a parent carries with them, from milk bottles to diapers and toys. The bag, unlike most traditional backpacks, was designed to be accessed without necessarily having to take it off. Given that most parents carry their kids in their arms, or in a Babybjorn on the front, Ichiro’s side-access flaps make it incredibly convenient and easy to quickly dip into the bag to pull out a water bottle, or a handkerchief, or even a rattle. The bag even packs a separate capsule container for carrying food or a diaper kit that you can intuitively reach and pull out whenever needed without having to go through the contents of your backpack. Every element of the bag is thoughtfully planned and designed specifically for quick, easy, one-hand access, while the bag itself is made to be completely waterproof.

As much as Ichiro’s design claims to be for parents, the clever thing about it is that it’s essentially a bag designed around the parent mindset. Everything in the bag plays a special role and needs to be easily stored and accessed quickly whenever needed. This format serves parents well, but it also makes the bag universally useful. The capsule container, which a parent could use to store a diaper kit could just as easily be used to stash a drone and controller. The bag even comes with a discreetly located flap that lets you slide in a tablet or a laptop, essentially allowing the Ichiro to even serve as a laptop bag. Besides, the bag’s design doesn’t explicitly scream ‘family bag’ either. With a classy black and grey design and the use of red accents, the Ichiro does a remarkable job of being both very specific yet broad… so whether you’re a photographer who wants to quickly access his camera, or an angler who wants to dip into your bait-box, or a parent who quickly needs to feed or change their toddler, the Ichiro’s laser-focus on usability and on bridging a gap in a saturated product line makes it a great backpack that’s designed for parents, but caters wonderfully to everyone!

Designer: Kai Design

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Ichiro by Kai – Redefining the Everday Family Bag

The Kai bags utilize a wing and capsule module system that adapts to any user or occasion – from carrying the daily baby essentials to documents for a busy day at the office.

The Capsule Module

Backpacks are classic and appeal to many but lack organization and utility. With Kai’s capsule module, a greater level of organization can be achieved. The capsule can be accessed from the side wing system without having to open the top-flap.

This system was created for families with young infants in mind, making visits to the diaper changing stations more convenient. The capsule makes taking only the essentials easy, and keeps the rest of the bag free from unnecessary exposure to germs.

This module is also a great place for other accessories that you might carry for your daily trips, such as laptop & phone chargers, toiletries, snacks or even your pet accessories.

The Wing System

The dual wing system consists of an array of various sized pockets to keep all your items safe and tidy. These pockets are great for larger items such as flash cards or even smaller items such as chew sticks and safety pins. Their design allows you to comfortably swing the bag in front of you to access either side wing, including the capsule module.

Airplane Friendly

Capsule slides out easily.

Slides under the seat in front of you.

Top Cover Loading

Kai backpacks uses a top cover access, which provides you with a quick view of all your contents in the main compartment. With the use of a self-aligning magnetic locking function, it allows you to open and close the top cover single handedly. It is also a theft deterrent feature. In addition, dual YKK zips are used to fully secure the top cover and protect your items from natural elements.

Dedicated Laptop Sleeve

A separate laptop compartment is located at the back of the bag to reduce stress points on your shoulders and has a soft padded felt lining to protect your tech gear. The sleeve is suspended off the base to prevent any damage to the device if the bag were to be accidentally dropped.

Hidden Features

Concealed top pocket with felt inner lining to protect your tech gear.

Shoulder pocket stores credit cards or wireless earbuds.

An additional concealed back pocket is perfect for your documents and valuables or even the changing mats.

Magnetic sternum strap fastens with a single click.

Six concealed anchor points along the front of the bag that can be deployed and configured to carry extra gear, such as tripods or perhaps a picnic mat.

The main material selection comprises of a custom blend of 650D nylon and polyester, giving it a perfect balance between weight, durability and water resistance – makes cleaning the bag a breeze.

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