This concrete bubble-filled greenhouse comes together like a puzzle!

Architect Gerardo Broissin designed an intriguing pavilion that sits on the lawn at the contemporary art museum Museo Tamayo in Mexico City. The structure looks like it’s right out of another dimension, but it functions as a greenhouse of sorts! The pavilion has been created using concrete panels that come together like a puzzle. Named Egaligilo or equalizer in English, the puzzle-inspired panels of the pavilion are spread out across a steel frame, with bubble-like circles protruding from them.

Designer: Gerardo Broissin

The interior wall comprises of white circles as well. The circles have minute spaces in between them giving Egaligilo two layers of skin. The perforated layers allow oxygen, sunlight, and rain to enter the pavilion and aid the plants in their growth. In fact, the pavilion creates its own microclimate, by preserving and maintaining certain atmospheric conditions within, allowing the plants to grow.

However, at night the lights within the structure glow, creating an ethereal visual, with light streaming out of the gaps in the walls.

“The openings between the overlapping skins and the effects of artificial lighting, create different scenarios throughout the day, inviting the spectator to enter the pavilion redefining the narrow limit between inside and outside,” said Broissin.

A circular entrance at one end allows visitors to enter the extraordinary greenhouse.

Egaligilo is the perfect integration of the natural and the artificial and is a great example of recyclable architecture. Hence it can be easily dismantled, and will be used as a classroom for underprivileged students in the future! Pretty interesting, right?