This Sleek Ergonomic Office Chair Instantly Makes You Look Like A Fortune 500 CEO

The Nouhaus Ergo3D isn’t your average ergonomic chair. It’s a spectacular high-back seating device with a 3-segment backrest, dynamic lumbar support, 4D adjustable orbital armrests, and a class-4 hydraulic gas-lift main pillar. It looks like a million bucks, feels like a million bucks, and instantly transforms your office into an ‘executive chamber’ without breaking the bank.

Designer: Nouhaus Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $314.50 $399.99 ($85.49 off at checkout for YD readers only). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

Designed by the folks at Nouhaus, who know a thing or two about haute, high-end seating, the Ergo3D is the company’s flagship ergonomic seat. The high-back chair looks like a modern throne, going well beyond mere ergonomic requirements by even evoking a sense of visual superiority. Sit on the chair and its 3-part backrest conforms to the shape of your spine, providing support yet comfort in what the company calls its unique ‘Just-For-Me’ Lumbar Support System. While your back gets the elite treatment it deserves, the Ergo3D’s adjustable headrest cushions your cranium through the day, giving you a nice place to rest your noggin during deep thinking sessions.

The entire Ergo3D’s seating surface and backrest come clad with Nouhaus’ HD ElastoMesh fabric that’s breathable, comfortable, and provides optimal air-flow to reduce sweating and sticking as you spend hours in your chair. The chair’s backrest offers 135° of tilt, while the chair’s polyurethane armrests are designed with 4D orbital fixtures, allowing you to adjust direction on each axis as well as tilt for a user experience that’s tailored to your needs.

As comfortably regal as the Ergo3D looks and feels, it’s designed to be equally robust, with an aluminum frame that houses a class-4 heavy duty hydraulic gas lift platform on which lies your seating surface. The Ergo3D also comes with smooth and silent blade wheels (like the ones seen on roller blades), allowing you to easily glide from one corner of your office to another without making that cringe-worthy high-pitched squealing sound.

Despite its features, the Nouhaus Ergo3D doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket the way a similar chair from Steelcase or Herman Miller would. The company designs and manufactures cutting-edge seating solutions for both the home and office, but does so on a consumer-friendly budget. The Ergo3D, for instance, starts at a mere $369.99, and comes in 4 color options along with a 3-year base warranty on your chair.

Click Here to Buy Now: $314.50 $399.99 ($85.49 off at checkout for YD readers only). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!