This rustic bottle opener was designed to be an antique of the future!

An ideal way to spend a Friday night, after a long hectic day at work would be an opportunity to sip on some cold brews and spend some quality time with friends, both old and new. Inspired by this very notion, James Connors designed the Wayne Bottle Opener for idor, a small design store that aims to create antiques of the future.

Crafted from stainless steel and bronze, the bottle opener features two circles wherein the inner one splits and expands to form the outer one. The merging of both circles signifies the very act of connecting with your loved ones with a beverage of your choice. The bottle opener was created by 3D printing the metal, making every single piece unique and no two pieces exactly the same.

The designer claims there are about 100 techniques we can use with our fingers to pop open bottles using the Wayne Bottle Opener! However, the easiest one is to use the space between the two circles to open the bottles. And it gets even more interesting! The bottle opener also functions as a necklace or a coffee table piece. Place the artistic piece on your center table to add a pop of rustic metallic fun to it! Or slip a chain or string through it, to wear it around your neck as a quirky accessory.

A multifunctional bottle opener that serves as a decorative piece, and possesses fashion appeal? Available in options of Bronze-Silver and Bronze, The Wayne Bottle Opener works for everyone!

Designer: James Connors for idor

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