These tools give a fun and frustrating twist to everyday product designs!

Throughout our lives, classic product designs have been a standard in our routine to the extent that we never questioned the design of a screwdriver, a spoon, a scissor or even a broom! But the design studio PUTPUT is here to make us question our reality! A collaboration between designers Stephan Friedli and Ulrik Martin Larsen, PUTPUT (I truly love how their name is a sound when said out loud!) is the visual and conceptual meeting of two minds. In a simple yet minimal Scandinavian style, this series takes a punny approach, taking objects we use on an everyday basis and convert them into frustrating yet lovable products that are sure to make us smile!

Even rock couldn’t beat this scissor!

Hammers are all about force, but even Thor cannot make this hammer work right!

Well, PUTPUT got the green part right, it’s the photosynthesis that is missing!

Call me nuts but I do believe the roller – umbrella hybrid can actually be put to some good use! The roller- shell hybrid? Now that’s just my weapon of choice for when I become a superhero…

This broom sure is bristly to the touch!

The Celebration Chair saves the world from all those leftover candle stubs by merging with a chair.

This teapot is all ready to serve piping hot tea to itself!

You don’t want to be on a date night with this corkscrew-earbud hybrid from hell! Though I must admit, that does add a strong grip while cleaning my ear.

Took a minute to figure this out? This grinder-coffee maker duo is sure to leave everyone craving their morning caffeine hit with no rescue in sight!