This boat-mounted action-camera focuses on the surfer while they’re busy focusing on the waves

The Wave Catcher was designed to combine the best parts of a drone and a GoPro. The action camera basically packs a drone’s mechanical gimbal and object-tracking capabilities in a grounded, water-proof format that can be strapped to a speedboat’s Bimini top, or even to the side of the boat via suction. Wave Catcher’s innovation doesn’t, however, lie in its camera, but rather, lies in its wearable. Designed to be strapped around the wrist of the subject, the wearable acts as a beacon for the camera, constantly telling the lens to keep it in the frame. As a result, the Wave Catcher always has its subject in the frame, no matter what. This bracelet-tracking technology proves to be even more effective than facial-tracking, given that with waves, water splashes, and tonnes of sporting gear, it may not be entirely possible for the camera to efficiently keep an eye on its subject.

The Wave Catcher’s wearable also allows you to interface with the camera with a button that lets you alternate between photography and video. Designed specifically for water-sports, the action-camera gives you the best combination of features that makes it possible to capture the action without needing an extra cameraman. Its externally located gimbal and stabilization system (as opposed to the in-body stabilization found in most action cameras) gives the Wave Catcher a better edge over other action cameras by always keeping its subject in the frame… and the fact that it performs object detection using a wireless beacon bracelet makes it much more efficient than a drone… and with a much better battery life!

Designer: Dylan Fealtman