Meet TIC, the most advanced and aesthetic way to carry your toiletries as you travel

Outwardly, the TIC is barely the size of a hip-flask. It’s squarish, slim, and slides right into your suitcase when you travel. Take it out and open it up, and TIC becomes the classiest travel toiletry kit you’ve ever seen. Integrated right into its slim design is a water-tumbler, and a wall or mirror-mountable kit that contains a toothbrush, toothpaste dispenser, and a bottle of mouthwash. For the jet-setting clean-shaven businessman, there’s a TIC kit that includes a complete razor set, along with blades, shaving cream, and even a fold-out mirror. The TIC oral care and razor kits help you do two things. They keep your travel-toiletries well organized, and they help cut out single-use toiletry items like toothpaste tubes and disposable razors out of the environment, all while looking like something I’d imagine James Bond would carry. (I’m aware I make a lot of comparisons to James Bond, but he’s truly the classiest and most modern pop-culture icon ever. Who knows, he may just be a design enthusiast)

The TIC comes in two varieties, an oral-care kit, and a male grooming kit, both which fit within boxes that are the same size. Designed for travel, these kits are roughly the size of a wallet, and slightly thicker, making them perfect to slide into your check-in suitcase. Upon arriving at your accommodation, the TIC kit opens out into a fully functional set of toiletry-instruments. The oral-care kit features an external cover that doubles as a drinking tumbler, and an inner kit that has a microporous suction surface that neatly and securely sticks to flat surfaces like tiles, glass panels, or mirrors. The kit opens out to reveal a two-part toothbrush that assembles with a quick snap, and an integrated toothpaste dispenser that works at the push of a button. There’s even space for a bottle of mouth-freshener, complete with markings that help you consume the right amount at the time, and a slide-out mirror, just in case you’re not around one. When done, the drinking tumbler makes a great tool to rinse up.

The TIC oral-care + razor kit works on the same compact principle as the oral-care kit. It, however, switches the mouthwash bottle for a razor handle and an interchangeable blade-head. The blade-head features a three-blade design complete with a lubrication strip that lets you use it directly on your skin without worrying about razor-burn. You can quite literally use the kit anywhere, relying on the clever slide-out mirror that’s built right into the TIC’s body.

Frankly a much classier and more eco-friendly alternative to those godawful hotel toiletry kits, the TIC is hoping to revolutionize the way we travel. Along with smart suitcases and well-designed carry-ons, the oral care and razor kits work towards a unified goal of being useful, uncumbersome, and extremely desirable, all while ensuring their products aren’t single-use. The TIC kits are made from a combination of materials like ABS and PP for durability, and Nylon, BPA-free PET, and Silicon for health and comfort. The TIC kits are even FDA approved and their patent-pending design ensures you get the highest quality kits with no chance of seeing cheap knockoffs anytime soon. You can choose between slick-looking matte black or white finishes, and the kits, which are available for as little as $11 begin shipping as soon as Feb 2020!

Designer: TIC Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $11 $29 (62% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left!

TIC Oral Care & Razor Kit

Palm-sized toiletry essentials on the go.

BYOT (Bring Your Own Toiletries)

The TIC Oral Care & Razor Kits are a positive step towards eliminating the disposable, single-use toiletry supplies that are contributing to pollution.

Oral Care Kit Usage

Toothpaste Tube.



Mouthwash Bottle.

Oral Care & Razor Kit Usage


Sliding Functions

Sticker Board

Easy to use.

Sticks to a variety of surfaces.

Easy to clean.

Click Here to Buy Now: $11 $29 (62% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left!