This minimal humidifier is a safer alternative to traditional incense!

Incense has always been used by people for religious and spiritual activities, as well as to eradicate unpleasant odors. However, the smoke produced from the incense contains toxic gaseous substances, that can adversely impact our respiratory system. Hence, product designer Dongkyu Kim designed Hyang. Hyang is an incense humidifier, that replaces the traditional incense!

It features an incense-like stick, as well as a base incense holder. You simply fill the base holder with water and add a fragrance of your choice. Place the cover on top, and close it. Then insert the stick into the holder. It automatically lights up and begins to emit steam. The steam is a healthier and cleaner alternative to the usual incense smoke. The incense humidifier can be charged via a USB Type-C, so it need not be connected to a power source at all times, making it portable as well! Plus since there’s no actually burning happening, there’s no chance of setting anything on fire, or even accidentally burning yourself!

Having won several awards such as the iF Talent Award in 2018, The Asia Design Award in 2019, and the Silver PIN UP Concept Design Award in 2019, Hyang is a portable and safer option to the usual incense, especially in countries where incense burning is a daily religious practice. Not to mention it simultaneously functions as a humidifier, and its minimal and clean aesthetics make for a sweet decoration piece!

Designer: Dongkyu Kim