This cloud-inspired lamp uses a unique alternative to typical switches!

Nowadays, lighting fixtures and lamp designs are getting more creative by the day. One such example is Calen Knauf’s Overcast Light. Almost mushroom-like in appearance, the Overcast Light takes inspiration from the visual image of a cloud obscuring the bright sun. Featuring a cylindrical aluminum base, the shade of the lamp is also quite unique. Created from transparent paper pulp, the handmade shade allows the light to subtly filter through it, mimicking the effect of the rays of the sun shining through a cloud.

However, its most interesting feature would be the leather tab that functions as the switch! Instead of your typical on and off switch or a dimmer, you need to pull and slide the leather tab up and down, alongside the surface of the base. This enables the light source to move to and fro from the shade, controlling the intensity of the light.

The blended paper pulp encourages an ethereal lighting experience, and reminds you of a cloudy day, with the sun shyly peeking through. The metallic sheen of aluminum and the rustling texture of paper create an intriguing contrast, making for an appealing accessory that could brighten up any living space!

Designer: Calen Knauf

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