Japanese puzzle-making technique inspires these minimal wooden nesting stools!

There’s something about Japanese-inspired designs that instantly calm you down, and wash you over with a sense of peace. They always manage to be simple, minimal, and sophisticated. And that’s why they always get me excited! One such example would be TAMEN’s Yosegi Multifunctional Stools.

Inspired by traditional Japanese Shinto Kumiki puzzles, this pair of nesting stools feature the Yosegi technique, which is the art of creating exquisite patterns using inlaid wood. TAMEN even utilized the Tsugite technique, which includes bringing together geometric wooden joints, resulting in 12 diamond-shaped columns that effortlessly merge together. Due to these wooden joints and unique columns, both the stools can be combined together to create one space-saving stool! This space-saver can be easily put away for storage. When separated in two, they also function as companion seats or footrests.

Crafted from Japanese Hinoki Cypress and Jindai Cedar, the stools showcase diverse warm tones of wood, flittering from darker browns to lighter coffee hues. Coming together like a puzzle, the Yosegi Stools serve as minimal and classic decorative pieces, besides their seating functionality. The seamlessness with which the stools fit together and their unique geometric structure makes it no surprise that they won the Gold A’ Design Award in 2018.

Designer: Yoshiaki Ito of TAMEN

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