Samsung’s Cube Refrigerator allows you to build your own modular cold-storage

Building on a concept that’s done the rounds for quite a while now (and has even seen success in 2008 at the Electrolux Design Lab), Samsung’s Cube Refrigerator takes a modular approach to cold-preservation. Quite like the Flatshare Fridge that secured the winning position at the Electrolux Design Lab more than a decade ago, Samsung’s Cube fridge is stackable, and allows you to add carious units together to create the fridge of your choice. With its minimal styling, the Cube can be placed anywhere, from your kitchen countertop, to even right beside your couch in the living room, or even in your workshop, where you’d possibly like to keep a couple of brewski’s to sip on when you’re working on your DIY projects. The clean-looking fridge comes with a glass door on the front, allowing you to see what’s inside, and a nifty digital temperature indicator on the top right that lets you set each individual Cube at its own temperature, based on what you put inside it… and what DO you put inside it? Why anything, from veggies to dairy, beer, and takeout. Plus, Samsung claims that the Cube, unlike most fridges, comes with “special cooling technology” that allows it to run without creating that weird whirring sound that most refrigerators make.

Designer: Samsung