Wacaco’s unique vacuum-brewing thermos extracts all the flavors from your coffee

Meet the Pipamoka, the latest coffee-maker to come from Wacaco, the company that brought the world the Minipresso and Nanopresso. Think of Pipamoka as the very opposite of the Aeropress, in that it uses a vacuum (rather than compressed air) to push hot water through coffee grounds. Designed by wanderlusts who are extremely picky about the coffee they drink, the Pipamoka is portable, operates manually, and gives you wonderfully hot coffee that stays hot, thanks to its insulating outer body.

The Pipamoka fundamentally does what the Aeropress or the french-press does, except it uses a different sort of pressure to get to the same end result. Comprising of an insulated outer mug and an inner brewing chamber with a threaded body, the Pipamoka uses simple physics to help you manually achieve a brew that normally requires high-pressure pneumatics. Just pour the water into the Pipamoka and add the coffee-basket in. The basket instinctively slides to the bottom, which is when you begin unscrewing the inner chamber. Upon unscrewing the inner chamber, you begin creating a vacuum in the outer chamber (think of pulling a syringe’s plunger outward). This vacuum prompts the water from the inner chamber to push through the coffee-basket (effectively compacting it) and right into the insulated outer mug. The coffee grinds get compressed by the water, and as the water passes through, it picks up on all the coffee’s flavor, getting vacuum-brewed in the process. Different pressure, same coffee!

The circular motion of unscrewing the inner chamber creates a strong vacuum with a minimal amount of effort, resulting in a brew that’s much stronger and more nuanced than a drip-based coffee or a pour-over. The Pipamoka works with hot or cold water, allowing you to create your standard hot black coffee, a cold-brew, or even an espresso (simply by regulating the ratio of water to coffee). Once brewed, the coffee collects right inside the air-tight insulated mug, staying hot or cold for hours, while the hockey-puck-sized coffee basket makes clean-up a breeze. Pipamoka’s no-nonsense design makes it perfect to travel with too. Housing everything from the brewer to the carafe inside a single capped container, the Pipamoka easily slips right into your bag and gives you the ability to brew 8 fl.oz. or 236ml anytime anywhere. If you want to just use the outer container as a thermos for your coffee, it holds 10 fl.oz. or 300ml of your favorite brew. Each Pipamoka comes equipped with everything you need to measure and brew your coffee as well as clean up afterward. All the elements fit right into Pipamoka’s isothermal stainless steel outer container, and for extra safety, you can get yourself a protective EVA foam semi-rigid case too! The Pipamoka ships internationally for free, and comes with a cool 2-year warranty.

Designer: Hugo Cailleton

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Pipamoka – The First All-in-one Vacuum Pressured Portable Coffee Maker

The Pipamoka uses a first-of-its-kind twisting mechanism to create vacuum pressure that enables users to make a full cup of balanced coffee in two minutes.

Travel Minimally. All of the Pipamoka’s parts fit securely inside the mug, helping you pack more efficiently for any trip.

Enjoy A Full Flavored Cup. Pressure-brew a full cup of coffee with the Pipamoka, the first all-in-one portable coffee maker to use vacuum pressure for a quick extraction. Brews up to 8 fl oz/236 ml.

Your Coffee, Your Journey. Bring your favorite coffee grounds with you so you’re always ready to refuel with your preferred brew. Coffee basket capacity 3.5 tsp/16 g.

Drink At Your Own Pace. The stainless steel vacuum insulated Pipamoka mug keeps your coffee hot for 3-4 hours.

How Does Vacuum Pressure Work?

By twisting the control ring, the water chamber is forced upwards. This creates a suction force that draws hot water downwards through the coffee grounds. The coffee is then brewed directly into the insulated thermal mug where it will stay hot for hours.

The Pipamoka brewing method is unlike any other. By generating pressure, the grounds are “squeezed” by fresh hot water creating a smooth, balanced, and non-bitter extraction in a short amount of time.

The Pipamoka brewing process helps you avoid poor extractions and poor pouring techniques because there is little room for error. The result is a stable, quick, and efficient extraction.

How to Use the Pipamoka

Designed by fellow travelers, it’s the easiest way to enjoy a full cup of coffee wherever your journey takes you.

Get Out There and Brew

Brew on a mountaintop, enjoy at the beach, or create a refreshing coffee moment at the office.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.90