Spring into City Action in Any Corner on the Street

Which piece of equipment allows you to play (or practice) basketball, racquetball, golf, and football anywhere you want? The MULTI’UZ, of course! Weird! Kévin Lecoutre’s designed a compact bit of sporting equipment that turns the city into [more of] a playground for multiple ball sports!

Get your balls out for heavy action!

Kévin Lecoutre turns any corner into the net:

How [do you] play a sport when there is no suitable ground in the city?

Multi’Uz responds to this problem in a creative way. Adapting to the city, it allows you to practice your favorite sport anywhere.

Ohh, carry it around with ease! Whip balls at it and spring it back into shape! Play anywhere!

Enjoy life more with MULTI’UZ!

Let’s get serious here for a moment. “Multi’Uz” is not the ideal name for this product. Multi’Uz sounds like a food processor, or some sort of kitchen utensil endorsed by a former boxer. On the other hand, how neat the setup?

Designer: Kévin Lecoutre