Drop your phone into this ceramic acoustic accessory for Bluetooth-free amplification!

Forget about individual speakers, you can now turn your smartphone into one, using this ceramic acoustic amplifier. Designed by Miguel Mojica, Wave Live is an acoustic amplifier that promises to pump up all your parties! At first glance, it looks like a simple decorative bowl, something you might place on your nightstand.

However, once you place your smartphone in it, it translates and amplifies waves of music to create some powerful and resounding output. Featuring a surreal marble base, available in white and black, as well as in an intriguing striped pattern, the ceramic bowl showcases soft and minimal aesthetics. In fact, the amplifier even comes with a 30-day warranty! So, if you’re dissatisfied with the product, you can send it back, as long as it’s not chipped nor damaged!

The Wave Live can turn any occasion into a successful party! Whether you’re on vacation, out hiking or simply chilling at a friend’s place, you can use the amplifier without the need for any electrical outputs. Wouldn’t it have been perfect for all the Christmas and New Year Eve parties, wherein you find yourself connecting different smartphones to different Bluetooth speakers? The Wave Live is a smart and convenient alternative to speakers and complex audio systems. Not to mention it makes for a very pretty decorative piece!

Designer: Miguel Mojica

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