This mesmerizing spiraling kinetic sculpture helps to de-stress

There’s something absolutely therapeutic about the way the Uplift 2.0 just ambiently spins on its own, like a fidget-spinner powered by sunlight! The endlessly spinning spiral captures your gaze while spinning at a pace that almost instantly brings your heartbeat down, both focusing you and relaxing you at the same time.

The Uplift 2.0 comes powered by a solar-engine, a contact-less rotary drive system with little to no inertia. Place the apparatus on your desk facing a window or under a lamp and the light instantly actuates the engine. The Uplift 2.0 comes with a magnetic wand to help push the spiral to rotate endlessly. You can choose whether you want the spiral to rotate clockwise or in reverse, giving it the impression of traveling either upwards or downwards.

Designer Tom Lawton says “There isn’t really a wrong or a right way. Steam rises, whirlwinds and smoke flow upwards — molten lava, waterfalls and whirlpools flow down”.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Uplift 2.0 takes things further with its smooth, translucent blue spiral that comes made from recycled fishing nets. Sitting on a walnut base, under a delicate borosilicate dome, the Uplift 2.0 embodies the essence of purity. It runs on sunlight, repurposes harmful waste into beautiful art, clears the mind, and nourishes the soul with the way it spins in a meditative fashion.

Early backers of the Uplift 2.0 even get a flipbook of the Uplift in action printed on recycled paper, allowing you to carry the childlike joy of the spinning toy with you as a reminder to take a deep breath and go with the flow!

Designer: Tom Lawton

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Uplift 2.0 – Unwinding Spiral Sculpture to Soothe the Soul

Made from waste fishing nets, the Uplift 2.0 creates a mesmerizing, never-ending spiral that inspires you to unwind, as it gracefully turns the sun’s power into a hypnotic flowing motion. “Uplift is so hypnotic. I could watch it forever.” Jamie Oliver, Chef

The limited edition spiral is made from an industrially purified stream of waste fishing nets, sourced from the Hake Fisheries in Cornwall, England.

Uplift 2.0 loves a sunny window sill but still works well under an overcast sky. It responds subtly to variations in the sun’s power and its speed is tethered at a relaxing 40 revolutions per minute.

Let it go. Let it flow.

The spiral can turn freely in either direction.

You can of course choose which way it turns by interacting with the spiral using the magnetic wand provided.

Better recycled than left in the ocean

Designed to last a lifetime and made from responsibly sourced materials, including waste fishing nets which are used to re-manufacture the spiral. Each unit is hand-assembled in the UK.

Uplift 2.0 Details

Demo: Uplift 2.0 Also Works Under Lamp Light

As independently reviewed by @physicstoys Uplift workings brilliantly under artificial light overcoming limitations of the first version.

Click Here to Buy Now: $244. Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $90,000.