Self Standing Umbrella by Hironao Tsuboi

The Standing Umbrella has a lightweight and robust design and stands up by itself. In order to achieve this, the center of gravity was determined in a complex process by casting aluminum into different clay moulds. Further series of tests were carried out to determine the optimal spread of the three legs. The diameter and center of gravity of the base, made of ABS synthetic resin (plastic), were optimized in such a way that the umbrella is not only steady when standing up but also remains handy. Base, shaft and handle create a uniform line.

Designer: Hironao Tsuboi [ Buy It Here ]


  • anon says:

    I like the design quite a bit, but I sincerely hope that the bit about the “complex process” of finding the proper CG is just some weak marketing hype… spend 5 minutes with an umbrella and a lump of clay clay and you’d have the proper angle.

  • DanKan says:

    It’s fantastic!!!

  • Tomo Akamine says:

    It’s cooooooool~ and very smart idea 😀

    I like this kind of design.

  • jin woo han says:

    I have been waiting when this umbrella sell in Korea since 2 monthes ago!!!!

  • Mangochutney says:

    Simple, effective, beautiful.
    Would buy anytime, unfortunately I hate umbrellas and only use them about 5 times a year.

    • Xxgenericsnxx says:

      You sir, are obviously not from Seattle.

      • Mangochutney says:

        Nope, but I’m from a pretty rainy area in Germany.
        Just right now it’s raining like hell, and I have to go and buy some vegetables, knowing that it won’t stop until the late evening.
        Nah, I rather grab my Fjäll Räven Rain Jacket and a pair of waterproof shoes. the Jeans can dry afterwards.

        In Germany there is a saying:
        “A man loses his honor walking under an umbrella.”
        I only use ‘em if I’m in a suit or a tuxedo.

  • PJ737 says:

    Looks real sturdy. I imagine the air movement from a strolling passer-by would knock it over. I wouldn’t be surprised if it took some effort to balance it upright.

  • Karmaghost says:

    This is a really simple yet brilliant idea. Even if the stand didn’t come attached to the umbrella, something to allow you to have it stand upright and dry out would be nice. There’s always the option of opening it up and airing it out that way (which is faster, obviously), but it does take up more space that way and you do have people who think opening umbrellas indoors is bad luck. 😛

  • Worf says:

    I live north of Seattle (Vancouver, BC), which also has the rainy reputation (literally called liquid sunshine here).

    Honestly, dodging umbrellas is not the most fun thing to do on the street. Though, ducking under everyone else’s umbrella means you don’t have to carry your own… (except when dodging those who have an open umbrella under an otherwise rain-free overhang…)


    I love it. This’ll be great for those crappy wet New York City days, when everyone in the office shleps their soggy brollies into the office and jambs up the ‘wet umbrella holder’ (whatever it’s called). I want one of these.

  • ERICONJI says:

    Looks great might want to design a tray for the home so it could collect
    the water as it is drying.

  • Ankit Jan says:

    Smart idea!! – I like that.

  • Ivana says:

    I hate umbrellas – I realy do!
    but with this standing thingy….I might start to like it…. 🙂

  • nk says:

    sounds like this umbrella is top heavy, with the screwed up centre of gravity and all…

  • Jongbae says:

    I want to buy this. I live in Seoul, South Korea.
    But I cannot read Japanese.

    I am willing to pay some extra if you would send it to me in Seoul.
    Will you sell this awesome umbrella to me?

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