Tashi Bharucha’s graphic design background helped him make the iconic Prism blade

The Prism bases itself off a legend of sorts. Inspired by the Church, a wildly popular knife by Tashi Bharucha, the Prism is smaller, more fortified, and just as iconic. Bharucha started off as a graphic designer with a mere penchant for knives. His sense of style, proportion, symmetry, and form helped him carry his skills to knife-designing, allowing him to create the iconic Church, and then redesign it as the small-yet-stunning Prism.

Measuring 7.4 inches when opened, the Prism comes with an eye-catching skeletonized handle made from two titanium parts brought together. Sitting between them is the Prism’s money-bringer, its 3.4-inch blade, made from RWL34 stainless steel. The custom steel, named after legendary knifemaker Robert W. Loveless, is characterized by its high edge strength, toughness, hardness after heat treatment, and corrosion resistance. Couple that with the Prism’s spear-point shape and it’s already a winner. The blade works like a charm for piercing and slicing (you could use it outdoors, or to open boxes… it’s your choice, really), and swivels right into the skeletal handle when not in use. While it can be opened any way you like, a small cutout in the blade’s body is perfectly placed for you to flick it open with your middle finger. If that isn’t the most badass way to deploy a blade, I don’t know what is. And you know what makes things even better? The Prism’s lifetime warranty.

Designers: Massdrop & Tashi Bharucha