ZAZ Up Your Time a Bit

I’m gonna go ahead and start out here by guessing your life could use a bit more ZAZ. Everybody could use a bit more ZAZ in their life, if you think about it. And that’s why Nooka has decided to name their new master-stroke the ZAZ. It’s a watch for 2010, with wacky / amazing features such as this: a completely transparent mineral crystal lens face. What’s that mean? It means you can see right through it. ALSO it means it appears to be displaying time directly on your wrist!

You’re no longer on time, time is on you.

If you’ve seen Nooka watches before you’ll recognize some features and aesthetics the same as before. The four vertical bars, for example. Additional items include a green LED light function, time, date, and a lovely butterfly clasp.

Feature: Chronograph and alarm
Size: 45 x 35 x 8 mm / 22mm wide band
Water resistant to 5ATM

Three models: Silver face with black or white leather bands, or a silver mesh band.

Oh so fashionable, oh so you.

Designer: Nooka



ZAZ crystal lens watch by Nooka