The visible tube amplifiers on this lighthouse-inspired speaker give it a futuristic appeal!

We’re used to speakers of, well, almost all shapes and sizes. However, here’s one that’s been inspired by a lighthouse! Designers Li Xundi, Daniel Abraham, and Dillon Ho came together to design the JMGO N600 Lighthouse Speaker. Usually, home audio sets comprise of multiple speakers and different types of amplifiers, but the Lighthouse Speaker combines all of this and more into its long tower-like structure.

Resembling a symmetrical cylinder, the speaker has been equipped with two vacuum tubes that have the ability to build a 360-degree natural surround sound experience. No matter where you sit in your room, the high fidelity speaker with its silk tweeter and two large woofers, emits an impressive atmospheric sound that will reach you.

The two tube amplifiers are visible at the top, protected by a transparent plexiglass layer. Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum, the remaining body of the speaker that follows suit resembles a metal cage. The plexiglass and metal cage combine to create an almost sci-fi vibe, providing any home space with a modern and futuristic aesthetic. Its unique form allows it to easily merge with the interiors of one’s home, functioning more like a piece of home decoration rather than a simple speaker.

Amped with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect your smartphone and play your favorite hits, turning your home into a concert hall!

Designers: Li Xundi, Daniel Abraham and Dillon Ho of JMGO Creative Center