Twisting 810 degrees, this spiral tower provides unparalleled views of nature!

With a new decade ushering in, our disconnect with nature has grown even more profound and prominent. However, there are certain designers and architects going out of their way to renew this precious connect. Amidst the mountains of Shenzhen stands a spiral staircase twisting gloriously at 810 degrees. Designed by studio Doarchi, ‘The Tower of Spiral’ intricately weaves around a compact irrigation pool used to irrigate the surrounding fields of flowers.

Designer: Studio Doarchi

More like a sculptural masterpiece, the tower resides in a high-lying area, simple yet imposing. Ascending towards the sky, visitors can access 15 meters of the tower through a series of twisting stairs.

With views of the surrounding mountains, fields, and galleries of sunflowers, the visitors feel more in tune with nature than ever.

Stick your head out and peek inwards, and you’ll catch a glimpse of the reflecting pool. The irrigation pool provides surreal reflections of the visitors and the massive sky above them.

“We need a natural place to clear up the melancholy mood in busy urban life,” said Doarchi. “The site is located in a high-lying area, with a pool reserved for irrigation.” Doarchi even went ahead to say that the tourists, tower, and earth all integrate at this location.

White PTEE film and tensioned metal mesh form the majority of the structure, coming together to form an impressive spiral. LED strip lights cover the edge of the spiral.

The top resembles a gaping mouth, being left open to allow a fresh breeze to encompass the entire structure.

Walking up peacefully to the top of the tower gives a glimpse of the beautiful nature all around, providing us with a moment of rest from our busy urban lives and solidifying our connection with nature.