A carrier bag for your pets to avoid claustrophobia!

You know when it’s time to take your pet for a check-up to the vet, and you pop them into a pet carrier bag, only for them to howl and screech the entire way, while you cover your face in shame? Yeah, every pet owner has been there and done that. Seems like product designer Sunghoon Park had his fair share of such experiences because he ended up designing ‘The Hoonico Moomoo Bag’. The Moomoo Bag promises to solve the biggest problem you encounter every time you try to take your pet somewhere, ‘How to get them to just relax and stop whining?’ It seems like an ordinary shoulder bag with an adjustable strap, but it has a surprise up its sleeve! Park added a little circular window to the bag!

Designer: Sunghoon Park

One end of the Moomoo Bag features an open patch through which your pet can wiggle their heads out. A little peeking hole for them to look out at the world, and stay connected with you, without feeling claustrophobic and anxious in the carrier bag. Enclosed carrier bags tend to make our furry friends antsy and nervous, but Moomoo’s handy pocket lets your pets stick their head and neck out, making them feel at ease. A mesh cover can be added to the pocket if your pet is a little naughty and might sneakily escape.

Perfect for carrying your pets to and fro locations, the Moomoo Bag can be pretty functional at home too! It also serves as a cushion for your pets to relax on.

Simply wrap the adjustable strap around the body of the bag, and clip it on to the latch at the other end. Play around with the bag to create the perfect form for a cushion, and watch as your pet happily lounges about on it.

Available in quirky color combinations such as Indie Pink and Dark Navy, Olive and Light Gray, etc, The Moomoo Bag will make traveling a fun experience for your pet!