Safety comes first with this collapsible dog crate!

Traditional wire crates for dogs can be pretty ugly, stark and unpleasant to handle. Not to mention they’re not always the safest choice for your pets. So Diggs designed a collapsible dog crate that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and not to mention puts the safety of your dog first. Diggs’ ‘REVOL’ went on to win many awards such as the Pet Business’ ‘Best Dog Containment’ award in 2018 and 2019, as well as the Good Design Award in 2018.

Surprisingly easy to set up, store, carry around and maintain, Revol comes with a load of exciting features! The most exciting one would be its collapsibility. To collapse the crate, you simply pull the handle at the top, rotate it at 90 degrees, and lower the ceiling. Along with the ceiling, the rest of the structure collapses instantly as well. Fold the sides of the collapsed crate to create a compact box that is extremely portable.

Revol comes with multiple access points, ensuring several easy entrances for your pet. The main front door can be opened with one hand! Simply push up against the handle with your hand, and watch it open while you hold your squirming doggo in your other hand. A ceiling hatch with rotatable knobs allows you to pet your dog, place and remove items, as well lift out our tinier furry friends. A garage-style side door functions as the final medium of entry and exit. Along with a customizable puppy divider, all these features make Revol terrific in helping your dog adjust to the crate. Equipped with built-in wheels and an ergonomic handle, it’s very easy to transport the crate from one place to another, especially in its collapsed form. A bright blue tray covers the bottom of the crate and can be easily removed through a convenient little slot, making clean up easier than you could imagine. Revol comes in three variations Small, Medium and Large, each corresponding for dogs weighing 30lb, 50lb and 75lb each.

Comprising of an interesting diamond-shaped wire mesh and solid frame, along with rounded edges, Revol makes for a dog crate that is extremely safe and prevents any injuries to your pet’s jaws and paws, unlike most wired crates with their sharp jarred edges. Taking inspiration from baby industry quality standards, Diggs’ has managed to create a convenient and effective dog crate from premium quality materials and a true safe haven for your pets!

Designer: Zel Crampton of Diggs

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