Power-bank, wireless charger, phone-stand, the MyPort is pretty much all of those things

Whether you’re traveling to work or sitting at home or in the office, MyPort’s design gives you a uniquely useful charging experience. Meet the power-bank that’s also a wireless charger that’s also a stand for your phone. Designed to be useful everywhere, the MyPort is a nifty 10,000 mAh power-bank with wireless charging capabilities. Built with Qi-certified charging, you can instantly juice your phone without plugging it into the power-bank, but rather by just placing it on top. MyPort’s 10W charging lets you easily replenish your phone’s battery whether you’re at home, or at work, or even on the go.

However, that isn’t all. The power-bank comes with its own charging dock that doubles as a stand for your phone. Place the MyPort and your smartphone on the dock and it charges both devices simultaneously while keeping your phone propped up for productivity, be it a FaceTime call or web-browsing. The MyPort also packs two 18W USB ports for wired fast-charging, so you’re never ever low on battery, whether you’re indoors, outdoors, or in transit!

Designer: Ammar Adra

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MyPort is the ultimate triple threat of charging, by combining a phone stand, power bank, and wireless charger all in one. It helps you tidy up your workspace and reduces the clutter.

The Stand

When at home or in the office, just prop your iPhone, Android, or other Qi-enabled device on the stand to effortlessly charge your phone. The stand simultaneously provides easy, hands-free viewing and wireless charging of your mobile device.

The Power Bank

When MyPort is in phone stand-mode, the portable power bank is continuously charging. Then, when you’re ready to head out, simply detach the charging pad from the stand to use MyPort as a portable power bank.

Two Portable Charging Options

MyPort’s power bank gives you two ways to charge on-the-go. You can charge your tablet or phone by connecting any USB or USB-C cable (for fast charging), or just rest your phone on the power bank for a wireless charging experience. MyPort gives you the flexibility, confidence, and speed to keep your devices powered up wherever life takes you.

Wireless Charging Compatibility

Works with all Qi-enabled devices. iPhone 8 or newer, Samsung S6 or newer.

Recapping The Details

– 10,000 mAh battery capacity
– Qi-certified wireless charging & 2 USB ports
– Use MyPort as a power bank or wireless charging stand
– 1x USB-C PD 18W (input & output)
– 1x standard USB port 18W
– Rubberized matte black finish
– Fast charge iPhone & Android devices with USB-C port
– 10W wireless charging

Click Here to Buy Now: $69.99 $79.99 ($10 off + Free Shipping). Hurry, offer ends on December 12th at 11:59 PM PST. Use YD coupon code “10OFFYANKO”.