The Springtime Carpet’s unusually beautiful macro weave makes it a visual and tactile treat!

Designed to make you curious, confused, and then fill you with childish joy, Dilara Yesilova & Paul Ketz’s Springtime Carpet looks and feels like nothing we’ve seen before. Think of it as a scaled-up version of a carpet’s weave, with tiny cylindrical upholstered foam pieces that almost look like experiencing a carpet from a gerbil’s point of view. The cylindrical units are created with undulating heights and are crafted from merino felt, cotton-viscose fabric, and polyurethane foam, looking both unusual and inviting at the same time. Step onto the carpet and it’s an absolute tactile experience that completely complements the carpet’s quirky construction… like laying on a mat of tennis-balls, only a whole lot softer! Disclaimer: Keep away from enthusiastic dogs!

Designers: Dilara Yesilova & Paul Ketz