Inspired by Chinese calligraphy, this collection of wooden furniture designs is pure artwork!

Inspired by Caoshu, the art of Chinese cursive brush writing, South Korean product designer Chulan Kwak created his collection of furniture pieces called ‘Cursive Structure’. Kwak calls himself a ‘form giver’ and this is clearly reflected in his designs. Mimicking the flowy graceful letters of Caoshu, the pieces look like dragons soaring through the sky, and they have been named the Dragon Console Table and Dragon Chair rightfully. He transformed the strokes of Caoshu into beautiful 3D designs by applying paper craft techniques to woodwork. By bending plywood, he created curved bases and then topped them off with stainless steel panels, which serve as the seating area and tabletops respectively. The pieces were then stained with black ink to retain the essence of Chinese calligraphy.

Designer: Chulan Kwak

The Dragon Console Chair is a beautiful entanglement of deep black wood with a stainless steel seat to seal the deal. Three dimensional and sculptural, it is the perfect combination of design meets art. Exceedingly minimalistic and crisp, I do wonder how comfortable the chair will actually be if someone were to slide into it.

Next in line is the Dragon Console Table. The wooden organic form takes over here as well, with an even longer stainless steel panel functioning as a tabletop. One end of the curvaceous wooden structure pierces through the tabletop creating a very raw aesthetic, making the end looks like it’s been submerged in the metallic plate.