Fear of Laundry

I don’t know anyone who intentionally LOVES doing the laundry in their life, be it for their self or for their loved ones, and goodness forbid they enjoy doing it for an employer of theirs. But there it is. Laundry. And it has to be done! The designer of the subject matter contained in this post: the “Laundring” laundry machine, has some information of rather more important than just -having to do it- concern, and thus says that’ll be taken care of by this lovely concoction!

Yes indeed, designer Shang-Che Wu relays information that renters in the area Wu designs who share washing machines with strangers are worried about the bacteria that flies around inside of the machine may cause infections through underwear. But. They simply do not have time to use the next best alternative means: hand washing.

Then came Laundring! This amalgamation uses pedals to drive a coaxial bi-directional rotating machanism that generates high cleaning two-way flow to clean all dirty laundries. It saves time, strength, and energy that’d normally be used by hand-washing, not to mention irritated hands and the dreaded wrinkle-fingers.

And! And! It could be used by renters in no-machine areas to avoid the laundromat down the street. Unless of course they’re into that sort of thing.

Course Director: Dr. Hsien-Hui TANG @ NTUST Design Dept.

Designer: Shang-Che Wu

Laundring one-person self-washing wash basket mechanism by Shang-Che Wu