The HoitBox helps you cut iCloud fees by being your own personal secure home-based server!

You shouldn’t have to Marie Kondo your phone every time you run out of space on your internal storage… and neither should you have to pay monthly fees to store your photos on someone else’s cloud server. It isn’t just a waste of money, it’s also unsafe because technically that isn’t your server. With the ever-increasing numbers of subscriptions we’re being bombarded with, a cloud-based backup service is just entirely avoidable. Think of the HoitBox as your personal server that resides inside your house. Easily accessible over Wi-Fi, the server sits in your own home and is owned entirely by you. No subscriptions or annual/monthly fees and definitely lower chances of some other company secretly changing their terms of service and getting full access to all your data… or worse, selling it.

HoitBox lets you own your personal data. You can back up your devices and media onto your own cloud server via your own Wi-Fi network. You don’t need to rent out a server from Apple, Amazon, Google, or Microsoft, and more importantly, you can upgrade your storage by simply stacking a new drive onto the HoitBox. Each drive-block has a terabyte of storage, which should easily let you back up nearly 15 of your 64gb smartphones. If you want to go a step further, store your media on the HoitBox and you don’t need to pay Netflix or HBO for movies you already own and have a downloaded copy of… or even Kindle for the PDFs in your ownership. The peace-of-mind of a dedicated server lets you save potentially thousands of dollars annually, and lets you know that your data is safe in your own home, not on some offshore server farm.

The power of HoitBox is its ability to simplify and domesticate the cloud-storage system. With a modular design that’s easy to upgrade and delightfully minimal to look at with its ABS and Aluminum body, and an app that poses practically no learning curve, HoitBox lets you back up all your devices, from your phone to your laptop or even your DropBox, bringing all your data back where it belongs… in YOUR hands.

Designer: Aesop Ghim

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HoitBox: Easy Mass Cloud Storage With No Subscription Fees

Break free from storage limits and monthly fees with your own personal “plug & play” cloud. Find that file you need wherever you are—instantly. Have all your digital content in one place, in the privacy of your home or office, and backed up to a device you trust.

For Everyone. Setup HoitBox in 30 Seconds

HoitBox is so easy to set up that all you have to do is pair your device via Bluetooth and connect to your network via Wifi.

As Much Storage As You Need

When you need more space just keep on stacking (up to 3 bays). Their expandable, stackable drives give you up to 24TB. That’s like 12,000 hours of movies or 4,800,000 photos!

Instantly Access Your Stuff

HoitBox comes with its very own free cloud service to keep your digital life right at your fingertips. Easily access your files anywhere via their iOS app, Android app, or web service and never be without again.

Watch the app demo.

No Monthly Fees. Period.

Never pay monthly cloud storage fees. Never fear to lose your personal stuff because you canceled your subscription. With HoitBox, there’s only a one time cost of purchasing the product.

HoitBox hits the sweet spot. The easiest access to your stuff at the most affordable price.

Click Here to Buy Now: $594 $700 (15% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.