A modular credenza table designed to truly showcase your vinyl collection!

OPEN 45 ANIM.gif

I’ve always been fascinated by vinyl records and turntables, however, I have never owned either. But I do understand the fascination most vinyl owners have with their prized possessions and the pride they take in displaying them. It seems like Detroit based design studio Sitskie understands this too, as they created the ‘Open 45 Credenza.’ This credenza is the vinyl set up of ever vinyl owner’s dreams.

The triangular credenza was created to promote not only the use but the display of vinyl collections. Record collections tend to be aging away in glory in some dust-filled corners of your home, and this vinyl table is here to help you enjoy their fidelity. Created from custom woods and finishes, with their walnut and brass combination being my favorite, the credenza slants at a 45-degree angle, allowing a clear view of your records and your turntable. But this vintage-esque piece is also modular! Amped with a slotted interior, which allows the four divider panels and shelving to be moved easily from one place to another, you can customize the set up according to your preference. Another fascinating feature would be the cord channel which runs through the entire length of the credenza, ensuring that all those annoying little cables are well hidden and kept out of sight. This makes sure the sole focus is your iconic record collection!

The set up has also been equipped with an impressive length and ample space, so you can accessorize it further with your vinyl turntable, headphones, books, speakers and other miscellaneous items. The Open 45 Credenza is the perfect furniture design for vinyl fanatics who cannot wait to showcase their exquisite collection, and if you are one of them, then be sure to get your hands on it!

Designer: Vanessa and Adam Friedman of Sitskie

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