Folding Specialties Of A Kitchen

With the InFold Kitchen Concept you can no longer use “lack of space” as an excuse to cram in more appliances or whipping up a gourmet meal. What it’s really about is this, a modular wall-mounted kitchen but with everything fold-able. The appliances, sink, cooking platform, chairs, cooking range, all fold up vertically into the length of the wall. This ways, all you ever need is a good sized empty wall and adequate floor space to move around in.

The way we are making advances in modular kitchen layouts, this concept doesn’t seem too farfetched. Only a few tweaks required!

InFold Kitchen is a part of the Electrolux Design Lab Competition.

Designer: Ciprian Frunzeanu

The InFold Kitchen Concept For Electrolux Design Lab by Ciprian Frunzeanu