Home Sweet Cube 2.0

We recently featured Justin Chong’s charming, super-minimal Cube home… well he’s back with an alternative version that reworks the usable space to accommodate more storage, sleeping room, a full bathroom and even a laundry area fit with a compact clothes washer/dryer combo! The other design was a lil dark so the most significant addition is built-in, ultra-thin LED lighting accents in inconspicuous places like under the stairs or kitchen shelving.

Designer: Justin Chong


  • Jaco says:

    I love the Idea , I love the concept and the practicality of the whole concept. I would like to see this better planned out and rendered though, a lot of potential

  • Karen says:

    I’m so in love with this cube!

  • PHuZZy says:

    cool concept, but there’s still no ‘living’ space.
    you either have to sit at the table or lay on the bed?? Where is the comfortable seating (Lounge chair) space?

  • Jspr says:

    I would probably change the stairs into something more compact (like a sliding or foldable stairs.), add a couch and mount a tv on the wall and have the dining table fold out from the wall.

    Also, what is with all the plates?

  • me says:

    for those who believe in life after death …

  • QMG says:

    Seems to be some kind of a nightmare, we are living on such a big planet and people might be forced to live in a narrow cage withouth any moving space? If thats the future or the goal for designers and architects than its a bad one!

  • Justin Chong says:

    Oh foldable stairs seem to be a good idea. The plate are meant to “beautify” the kitchen

  • Justin Chong says:

    Oooh Syaft !!! Haha thanks ! 😀

  • Justin Chong says:

    Well, the main idea of having a small space for one or two people to live is just to fufil the basic requirements (in my opinion) of living in a home; sleep, eat, maintain.

  • HOHO says:

    Woah so many plates sia the house

  • Saurabh says:

    This type of room design will require AC unit and access to 24-hour electricity to run the AC. That would mean high electricity bill. It can be good for cold climate metropolitan area where space is really expensive.

  • andrew says:

    could install a spiral staircase in place of conventional stairs!

  • D K says:

    Hey Justin,

    Beautiful concept.

    Is it made specially for in citys??

    Do you have an idea what a cube would cost competely, measurements?

    Thanks D K

  • Justin Chong says:

    Hey D.K

    Its actually directly towards open spaces or spaces where space is limited. As per measurements this cube is a 3 metre by 3 metre by 3 metre.
    In relation to cost, i am not very sure. However, the house will be very good if its fully airconditoned whenever the person is at home


  • luke says:

    I’ll take you cube 2.0 of wardrobe using the 2 banks

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