This detailed concrete model of the moon’s surface is made using actual NASA data

We may need to go back in time and change the definition for the idiom ‘Ask for the moon’, because DeskX has made it possible to own a slice of the Moon’s surface. Cast in high-grade concrete to mimic the moon’s dusty surface, using stunningly accurate 3D data collected by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Lunar Space brings a piece of our nearest satellite to your home.

Designed to celebrate 50 years since the iconic Apollo 11 mission which took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon, the Lunar Surface is emblematic of that rare moment that changed mankind’s tryst with space forever. We’ve embarked on hundreds of journeys to the International Space Station ever since, and sent out shuttles and satellites into space, but the moon landing still remains by far one of the most significant events in our history… a feat that hasn’t been repeated since. Capturing the enigma that is our closest cosmic neighbor, the Lunar Surface combines history, science, and astronomy, all in one. The replica’s deeply cratered surface is as detailed and inspiring as a painting, making it great for hanging on a wall or propping up on a desk. Shine a direct light on it and the surface absolutely comes to life, with sharp shadows mimicking the way the sun shines against the moon. Available in two sizes, the Lunar Surface is a great piece of memorabilia to own or to gift, and comes with an aluminum backplate for hanging, or a baseplate for keeping on a desk.

The moon has captured our hearts and imagination from the dawn of human history. Now you can bring a piece of its iconic, mysterious, beautiful surface into your home.

Designer: DeskX

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DeskSpace Lunar Surface: Capture Humanities Greatest Step

On July 20th, 1969 the first human took the first steps on the surface of the moon. This event captured the imagination of the entire world and catapulted us into the space-age. Now each of us can experience a small slice of this event through DeskSpace – the most detailed model of the lunar surface currently available at this scale.

Created using data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the beautiful topography of the far side of the moon has been recreated using jewelry-grade concrete. Hand-finished and presented on a precision machine space-grade aluminum base, this is a truly unique and fascinating item that will be a talking point in any home or office.

Lunar Surface Size Comparison

Available in two sizes, the Lunar Surface display item is presented in its own gift box. The larger version can be wall hung or displayed on a shelf, while the small version is ideal as part of a coffee table display or as a desk top item.

Lunar Surface Large – Measuring 180mm x 180mm, this display piece is perfect for a wall or shelf. Detailing the most stunning areas of the moon surface that is littered with craters due to the constant bombardment of meteorites across many millions of years. This gradual disintegration of the lunar surface gives it its distinctive look that we are all so familiar with.

Lunar Surface Regular – As a 100mm x 100mm piece, this intricate lunar surface model rests on its precision machined and anodized base with a perfectly polished mirror logo.

Using NASA Landscape Data

Using NASA landscape data, the team has faithfully recreated the moon’s stunningly cratered typography from beautiful jewelry-grade concrete.

The Perfect Accessory for the Home & Office

Every one of us has looked to the stars and wondered about other worlds and the expanse of time and space. Our moon is but a tiny part of the night sky and yet it holds such wonder as it is so easily seen with the naked eye. Having a tiny piece of the moon as a stylish display item makes a wonderful gift for anyone who holds a fascination with space.

Premium Materials Created with Precision

As the team says, “We worked tirelessly to source the exact mineral most suited to represent the complexities and character of the lunar surface. We carefully selected only craftsmen who create jewellery from concrete. Portland cement is used as the foundation for each moulded concrete part, with the level of bubbles carefully controlled with each piece coming out truly unique. This timeless process produces only the most beautiful results and creates a piece that is unique and robust.”

Lighting Up The Surface. In order to best show the unique beauty of every impact crater, the team recommends lighting each piece parallel to the main surface to highlight the dips and shadows of intricate texture. This can easily be achieved with either a desktop lamp for ceiling light for when the large piece is hung on a wall.

Learn About the Moon & Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

Included with the Lunar Surface is a high quality, a heavyweight book designed to provide you with interesting, intriguing and fun facts about the Moon and lunar landing. The book offers detailed images and a clever design that allows it to nestle inside the box, then unfold to reveal a stunning full-bleed image of the moon.

Extension of DeskSpace Series

The base of the small Lunar Surface perfectly matches the Solar System Mood Lamp and the solar system planet set. Each item has been carefully crafted to the correct proportions to sit perfectly alongside each other and even comes with matching gift boxes and accessories packs.

How the Lunar Surface is Made

The process of creating the DeskSpace Lunar Surface involves a lengthy process of casting, curing, finishing and CNC machining. The craftsmen then carefully clean up the intricate lunar surface and then assemble each piece. The process may be lengthy, but they know that perfection only comes with time.

The process is as follows:

– Creating a detailed 3D CAD model using NASA data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
– Making 1:1 masters in tool grade steel for both the 100mm desktop and 180mm wall versions.
– After the master has been precision machined, the top surface is then sandblasted to create the perfect texture for the concrete to capture in each impression.
– Moulds are then made from the master which will be used to cast each piece.
– The concrete is mixed in small batches from a combination of Portland cement and aggregates to carefully control the amount of bubbles produced during the curing process.
– Each piece is then cast using the freshly mixed jewelry-grade concrete and allowed to set.
– Once fully hardened each piece is carefully removed from the mould and sent for further processing to ensure all the edges are smoothed and details come out perfectly.
– Every cement piece is then inspected and carefully packaged as it awaits final assembly.
– Each metal base is machined using hardened Tungsten tipped cutting tools, then sent for anodizing to give it a deep Space Grey finish.
– The DeskSpace mirror finish logo is added using a special process where the whole face is polished, the logo then masked before the rest of the surfaces are sandblasted to a smooth matte finish.
– The final step comes by assembling the concrete impression of the lunar surface with the anodized metal base, held securely with an epoxy-based adhesive.
– The final parts are then handed over to be precisely packaged in the gift box with the other accessories.

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