The Basic Bic Just Got Better!


Bic is the timeless go-to writing utensil for writers, designers, teachers and students, but the brand has yet to venture into making other office supplies. This concept not only expands on Bic’s famous line of pens, but transforms them into multifunctional tools that should belong in any creative’s toolkit!

The new design ditches the “pen-only” idea and reimagines the body as a structural base for many different tools instead of a traditional cap. This is how Bictools was born! With peripheral add-ons, it can instantly switch from ballpoint to compass, ruler, scalpel, a paper bender, or other various gadgets. The click-on/click-off feature saves time, space and the need for multiple larger tools. The tool caps are easy to replace and even easier to expand your collection!

Designer: Juan Carlos Fanes