This sliding keyboard reveals a hidden compartment!

Product designer Yeong Seok Go has created a keyboard that manages to pack the utility of a full-sized keyboard and the portability of a compact Bluetooth keyboard all into one! Most Bluetooth keyboards aren’t equipped with a number pad. On the other hand, they are extremely space-efficient. And there comes in Seok Go’s ‘Hidekey’.

But Hidekey has a secret! Its number pad is in hiding. Tucked away on the backside of the keyboard, a quick sliding movement reveals the number pad. The pad can be easily pulled out whenever needed. Once it has been used, you can effortlessly slide it back in. This ensures you always have a number pad at your disposal, improving the efficiency of your work, without taking up too much space.

Besides its nifty number pad, the keyboard has been amped with Bluetooth connectivity. Lithium-ion batteries ensure that it serves as a wireless keyboard for hours! However, it also functions as a wired keyboard, on utilizing a C type cable. Featuring a crisp pentagram structure, Hidekey is available in two pretty pastel colors; Coral and Blue. Functioning as a wireless and wired keyboard with a disappearing number pad, Hidekey is highly-functional and will also fit perfectly into our nimble work bags!

Designer: Yeong Seok Go