Attention all watch enthusiasts, you cannot miss this rocket loupe holder collectible!

MB&F, the artist concept laboratory dedicated to creating dynamic and radical watches that are completely ahead of their time, joined forces with Loupe System to launch Project LpX. Loupe System crafts some of the most advanced magnifying loupes in the world. After years of revealing conceptually similar and synchronized products, the two like minds decided to team up! The result; “An intergalactic magnification station enabling accurate viewing of watch movement details”, which manages to take you on a trip through the Milky Way!

Designer: MB&F and Loupe System

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Project LpX (pronounced Loupe ex) is a sleek and super cool rocket ship that promises to store Loupe System’s high-quality magnification loupes without an inch of dust disturbing them. But one glance at it, and you’ll be reminded of all the sci-fi stories you read and movies you watched as a child! Major ET vibes. Created from anodized aluminum, the rocket ship stands tall at 33cm and weighs about 0.85 kg (with the loupes).

Turn off the lights, and the rocket base begins to glow! The mysterious green hues radiating from the base give the impression that the rocket is about to take off, kickstarting all the space travel dreams you had in the good old days! The glow is due to a tritium capsule booster tucked away at the base of the rocket. Tritium capsules were used in the flashlights that were issued by NASA to Apollo astronauts. The self-luminous booster is immune to all and any climatic conditions and possesses a half-life of 15 years!

Project LpX comprises of five modular parts, each of them boasting a satin stainless steel finish. The nose cone, the base of the rocket and the three co-existing body parts which accommodate the loupes, are attached together through a clicking bayonet assembly.

The rocket ship is accompanied by two magnifying loupes available in power options of 3x and 6x. The cherry on the icing would be the inclusion of Loupe System’s universal clip, which enables you to attach the loupes onto your smartphone or tablet. You can use your devices with ease to click images and record videos of watch detailings.

Available in four myriad colors; black, blue, red and green, Project LpX is a reason for major rejoice amongst all watch enthusiasts. The most powerful loupes in the world packed in a beautiful and futuristic rocket ship? It’s hard to turn down such an impressive collectible!