3D printed plant sculptures act as air purifiers for your indoor space

Actual, living plants can absorb air toxins when placed inside the house and that is one of the many reasons why people have been adding plants to their decoration indoors. But not everyone is capable of taking care of these plants. I am one of those people. I even managed to kill tiny cactus plants that can supposedly live longer. So no plants for me in my small apartment. But what if there were plant-like things that can serve as both decoration and air purifier?

Designer: External Reference

A Barcelona-based company has created these plant-looking sculptures called Pure Plants through 3D printing and they are more than just decorative items for your space. They actually use Pure.Tech technology to turn these “plants” into air purifiers that are able to absorb and neutralize carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and other volatile organic compounds. Basically, these 3D-printed plants serve as air purifiers to make the indoor air you breathe a little bit healthier.

The sculptures use various geometric patterns and parametric systems that try to resemble plants or at least cactus and other desert looking creatures. They look pretty nice and can also be good conversation starters once people figure out it’s not a real plant. It is made from the Pure.Tech biomaterial which is made up of the tech and PLA, a bioplastic that is made from corn dextrose. This has been turned into a 100% natural mineral compound so the material used to create the living sculptures are also sustainable.

This project was actually launched back in 2020 but at that time, a Christmas tree was the only design. Now they are able to add more items in different colors, species, and formats so you can have a variety of “plants” in your home that will not die and will also prolong your life as you breathe in air that has been purified.