A Tribute to the Italian Bull

Automotive enthusiast Marko Petrovic’s unusual timepiece takes inspiration from and follows the design language of Lamborghini’s ultramodern hypercar, the Aventador. The Avenger watch transfers the same ultramodern aesthetic, signature black and orange of the Aventador, and complex engineering into a vertical tourbillion presented much in the same way as the car’s engine and transparent cover. It’s loud… real loud.

Designer: Marko Petrovic


  • AL says:

    it’s just, just awesome!

  • Jimmy C says:


  • nd says:

    Nice design. I don’t think there is any need to overcomplicate it a vertical tourbillion etc. It can be produced by some expert movement maker and would sell nicely.
    I wonder if a carbon fiber with such a fine weave is present.

  • Jason says:

    I think you did some great work here, but the aesthetics of the watch look more Jeep, or utilitarian-based at first glance. I think rather than being a scientific cross-section of car technology, the watch could be more elegant and refined, like the cars. Lamborghinis are amazing and sexy, the watch looks way too complex and busy. I respect the design and the amount of thinking that went into this but for something you put on your wrist, even for rich gaudy Lamborghini owners, the watch is a little too much to look at. I see the nose of the car in one area, then the engine and chassis all exposed inside with an orange bar surrounding the exterior. It could be a little more elegant by not giving so much away at first glance. This watch is trying to be too many things at once while the cars know that they have to look like cars.

  • louis.t.spake says:

    whats the brand????

  • gaps says:


  • mrwheels says:

    I want this watch

  • Cleguer says:

    Hello, I am student in watch-making engineer. I really like the design, but like that it’s impossible to build it.
    First thing, the jump hour on belt need lot of power and for mechanic watch I think it’s impossible (devon watch do it but it’s electronic watch), second thing about the belt, we can see 7 number on the front and for this kind of complication the belt should be around the movement (like devon or christophe claret dualtow) then the maximum number we should see on front it’s 5 for have 5 on front and back and 1 at each corner.
    About the minute we can’t see anything that’s problem for a watch. Two chain on each side it is a bad copy of the transmission “fusée-chaine” and like that it’s useless. I have any idea where is the winding crown.
    And for me it’s so much inspire by scuderia ferrari one by cabestan. I respect the designer had do it because the most difficult in watch making it’s to combine design-mechanic- legibility- ergonomics, it’s an art to do it.
    If I can give an advice to any designer want design a concept watch ask help to a watch-maker, I’m not yet watch-maker but if some-one need help I’m here with pleasure.

    Bye and merry Christmas

  • booths says:

    awesome design! hope its available nice

  • Arch_Boys says:

    You just simply turn a v-12 macine design that is used in the lamborghini aventador into a watch, lol

  • Elvin says:

    Hi, I’ve designed for your company LAMBARGINI for hours to buy what should I do? I wish you success in your activities

  • GL says:

    Looks more like a rugged jeep at first sight. Maybe because those “bumpers” that protect the case.

    Still looks cool though!

  • John Carter says:

    Why are you so negative dude calm down

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