These paper-clips will have you ‘buzzing’ with productivity!

That title isn’t the only bee-related pun I’ve got, if you’re wondering. I had one where I couldn’t BEE more excited, and another one involving the word ‘buzz-iness’ that I decided to give a miss, but I digress. These un-bee-lievably cute (haha!) paper clips come from the fine people at OTOTO, a company that literally makes some of the most adorable products on the planet. Titled the Busy Bees, these clips come in the shape of a single bumblebee that holds your pages together, and are collectively stored in a honeycomb-shaped clip-holder. Each bee is made out of a magnetic material too, allowing you to secure your notes to a metal surface like a cabinet or a magnetic whiteboard… although if I were you, I’d buy them and use them for myself because there’s no way I’m trusting any of my colleagues or friends with these bee-utiful creatures!

Designers: Adi Kafri & OTOTO