This spherical mouse for Generation Z is an everyday accessory + stress ball rolled into one!

The computer mouse is one thing that we use every single day of our life. So, it is a common consensus that the mouse should be good to feel in hand and have the desired functionality to make the work at hand ultra-productive. While ergonomics of use are subject to the user, having a universal design that is best suited for all users – whether they are left or right-handed. Taking a detour from the usual elongated form that follows the natural curve of the hand (mostly right-handed aesthetics), the Ball Mouse by Osay Imarhiagbe has a spherical design for comfort while using for long hours.

It’s more or less like a round ball (as the name suggests) that should be the aptest for people who like to clench at their mouse and have more of a hawk-like grip on the mouse. The elevated position means that the pressure on hand is relieved especially while working on a desk. Going with the circular theme the bumper is also contoured and the symmetrical design means it is equally good for both left and right-handed people. Osay has designed the mouse to come in a variety of color options keeping in mind the young users, and also the personal preference of users. Personally, I love the sense of comfort and general need-to-squish I feel at this sight of this mouse, it almost reminds me of Baymax, with its people-friendly aesthetic.

As usual, the mouse has wireless connectivity for ease of use, especially for power users. The most interesting bit is its multitude of use as a music controller or a TV remote. For that functionality, the mouse navigates through the playlists using the mouse wheel. To select a certain highlighted item, the user can click on the mouse wheel and the long press on the wheel activates the microphone. This accessory for sure is a bit different from the ones that we’ve seen so far, and the compact form factor is another advantage in its favor.

Designer: Osay Imarhiagbe