Carota’s Classic E-bike is a minimal interpretation of a cruiser, with a V-twin power train

Carota’s Classic E-bike is an experiment in form, bringing a lean design to a series of bikes that are not known for their lean-ness. Look at the e-bike in its side view and you notice its similarities to a low-riding cruiser. The curved fuel-tank, the seat’s proximity to the rear-wheel, and an elongated silhouette, all take on a Harley Davidson-esque appearance that’s often synonymous with a loud engine that makes its presence felt… but that’s where the Classic E-bike chooses to be different. It opts for a more silent electric drivetrain, a V-twin that sits right below the seat, powered by a battery that resides within the fuel-tank form factor. Carota’s Classic E-bike comes with the demeanor of a cruiser showcased with simplified, minimalist appeal. Rather than a muscular frame, the E-bike boasts of a leaner design that connects the elements together in a way that’s fitting for a quiet, eco-friendly energy-efficient sibling to the bold, brash, muscular Harley Davidson. “Think about it as an alternate future where the V-twin power train never really took off. It would replace a bike in your daily commute in the city or simply to impress your friends at a Sunday brunch gathering”, say the team at Carota.

Designer: Carota Design