Louis Vuitton Buys Aston Martin

Louis Vuitton has acquired Aston Martin from Ford at auction. The report claims its information comes from anonymous but well-placed sources and that the bidding for Aston ended earlier this week. Ford’s selling the successful British sportscar maker to raise capital for its struggling US core operation. In fact, last December Aston Martin was valued at as much as $1.2 billion by The Sunday Times. However, the report makes no mention of a final sale price, although it does claim that Ford has retained a 15% stake in Aston, with Louis Vuitton acquiring the majority share.

Source: Luxist


  • ounours says:

    what’s this bag ?! it’s beautiful !

  • Raphael Crespo says:

    Nobody told who designed the bag, but here I am to do this! Although she’s not an industrial designer but an architect, she’s also very creative for ID.
    Zaha Hadid designed that bag.
    And evidently I am her biggest fan!

  • zuy says:

    i t looks like Jerome Olivet’s bags but it’s white…

  • zuy says:

    it’s zarah hadid for french luxe company louis vuitton from lvmh group

  • french says:

    what about LV hand-made luggages’ tradition?

  • Aaron says:

    would love to have a ride in this

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