A self-parking scooter that chauffers you around

With shared scooters being the new go-to mode of transport for inner-city commuters and tourists alike, we have seen an infestation of these two-wheeled contraptions. However, their similar looks can make it a challenge to differentiate between the companies and the nature of their use leads to them littering our streets. ROL may just be the answer to both of these annoyances.

ROL completely transforms the user experience by removing the scooters reliance on manual intervention completely! This has been achieved by autonomizing the scooter’s ecosystem; immediately after the journey is complete, ROL automatically returns itself to an area of high demand, thus removing the rider’s responsibility! This automated-element also brings with it another handy benefit… no more searching for a scooter! Users can request ROL at the press of a button, where it will then travel to pick them up.

Automated elements aside, there is no denying that ROL carries unique, unparalleled aesthetics that have led to a distinguishable product which stands out from its sea of competitors!

Designer: Knack