Motorola’s AI assisted smart walkie-talkie helps first responders check licenses!

First responders such as police officers put their lives on the line for us every day. Therefore, it is their due to have the latest and most innovative form of technology at their fingertips, providing them access to vital information anytime anywhere, but at the same time allowing them to protect their greatest resource ‘their focus on their surroundings and us’. To aid those who spend their entire lives aiding us, Motorola Solutions introduced the latest version of its APX radio, the APX Next. The iconic walkie-talkie has transformed into a next-generation, mission-critical public safety radio. One of the major changes would be the touchscreen, however, it surpasses any ordinary smartphone touchscreen, with no weather conditions including rain being able to hamper it’s functioning, and it can even be used with gloves!

Designer: Motorola Solutions 

It may look like your usual walkie-talkie with its quintessential black box-like appearance, but don’t be fooled! Equipped with a dynamic voice-recognition system, it utilizes four microphones to combat any loud background noise. The voice assistant ‘ViQi’ can be activated on pushing a button, instead of a risky wake word which could allow access to anyone with prying ears. The first responder needs to do the same if they wish to hear the results. And what are the results? ViQi can search for license plate numbers, driver’s license information and vehicle identification numbers. All those speedsters better watch out!

“A radio is a first responder’s lifeline when 100 percent of their attention needs to be on the people and events around them,” said Collin Arnold, director of the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security. “Motorola Solutions worked closely with our public safety team, who is nationally recognized for its technology leadership, to build a radio that goes far beyond what we thought possible. APX NEXT and ViQi allow our first responders to keep their eyes on what’s happening while obtaining the critical information they need to help protect our community.”

The APX Next comes along with the usual LMR (land mobile radio), the tech behind all walkie-talkies, however, it also boasts an LTE broadband. The built-in LTE connection has been outfitted with FirstNet, making it a versatile combination of a walkie-talkie and a cell phone! Both the connectivities work together at the same time, covering up for one another if either one begins to falter or falls weak. With its SmartConnect feature, the device can monitor both networks, and decide on its own which one to use. And the SmartLocate feature ensures that the location of each and every police officer is known at all times!

A result of 2000 hours of interviews with more than 50 emergency service stations, SWAT teams and personnel, it seems Motorola Solutions have come up with the next marvel in AI technology. Chunky, sturdy and more advanced than anyone could imagine, our Batman-like first responders have finally found their worthy Robin!