Created from waste, to produce no waste: meet Bruto seating!

Waste is one of the natural end results of most processes. The amount of industrial waste that is produced today accumulates and stagnates with time, slowly hindering and deteriorating our environment. However, designers of today are exceedingly aware, and are making substantial efforts to reduce their carbon footprint on the Earth! And by interweaving sustainability with their designs, they’re merging two sectors for the better. 812 Creative Design, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Portugal, recently created its urban furniture artifact known as ‘Bruto’. What makes Bruto special? More than 40% of its composition is industrial waste! By incorporating industrial waste into their work, the design studio hopes to encourage the creation and conscious consumption of products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Not only are they using industrial waste to create the product, but they are also reducing manufacturing waste. By cutting it into a block, they’re ensuring no material is going to waste, and all of it is used in its entirety. The aesthetics of Bruto are extremely simple and clean, devoid of any vanity. Created from cement, sand and of course industrial waste, these elements give a naturally rugged and rough appearance to the piece. The bare geometric shape and block-like structure of Bruto radiate a humility, rarely seen in the flamboyant designs of today. Swinging somewhere between hues of off-white and grey, it’s a minimalistic piece of furniture, free of any pretensions. ‘Bruto’ would be an ideal piece of furniture for any public space, fitting in perfectly at a park, or as a little seating section in other public areas.

Sturdy and clear cut, the designers hope it interprets a scenario of change promoting individual and collective awareness. With Bruto, they’ve kickstarted a movement focusing on ‘environmental responsibility’, something that will affect generations to come, and something they too can honor!

Designer: 812 Creative Design

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