An all LEGO typewriter for some playful nostalgia!

I think we can all admit that at some point in time, LEGO has been a huge part of all our lives. From spending hours playing with LEGO blocks to the excruciating pain one experiences on stepping on even one of those sturdy pieces, we’ve all had ample of LEGO moments! UK LEGO Masters winner Steve Guinness decided to take us on a trip down memory lane with his LEGO typewriter project on LEGO Ideas. He originally designed and built the typewriter, made entirely of LEGO, during the final part of the LEGO Masters TV series, a British reality show where teams compete to build the best LEGO projects. The vintage design is made completely from LEGO and features a working mechanism which is driven by a hand crank. The typewriter was originally fitted with a power functions motor, but Guinness later decided to go with the old school hand crank. Showcasing the versatility and modularity of LEGO, this typewriter would be an adorable accompaniment to any office or home space! Featuring classic black and grey colors, the typewriter has received enough votes to kickstart its production. For all LEGO lovers and collectors, such a piece will surely bring back a dose of playful nostalgia and is a must-have for their collection. And even for writers like me, such a product would only add further excitement to my writing journey, taking me right back to the 1950’s era! This is one piece of equipment I wouldn’t mind splurging on!

Designer: Steve Guinness