I could really get used to this notch-less Google Pixel 4 design…

It’s good to see the Pixel surrender that incredible notch it managed to acquire last year. The Pixel 3 was considered the pinnacle of Google’s smartphone tech, and actually housed the best smartphone camera in 2018, but it left a lot to be desired. For starters, the Pixel 3 still had pretty thick bezels on the top and bottom, and the Pixel 3XL had a massive notch on the top, much bigger than any other notch on any other phone (Google said this was because of the wide-angle selfie camera). Based on a couple of leaks, the Pixel 4 seems to avenge its predecessor with a much cleaner design, and no ugly bezels or notches from last year! Rendered out by our friend Jonas Dähnert, aka Phone Designer, this is a pretty accurate look at the Pixel 4 and 4XL.

It looks quite similar to the Pixel 3 from last year, with perhaps the only three major exceptions being A. the screen, a nice, clean bezel-less display with a hole-punch for a camera, and B. the lack of a fingerprint sensor, which is a pretty massive indication that either the Pixel 4 has adopted facial recognition, or has opted for an in-screen fingerprint sensor, the more likely of the two. And lastly, C. The use of a dual-lens camera in the XL version… something that Google never adopted because they felt a single lens was always enough for great images. The presence of a second lens probably means that Google’s got some new stuff cooking, and I can’t wait to see what the images will look like!

There’s no word on what the Pixel’s tech specs will be, but if last year was any indication, this was just one of the many leaks to follow! While we do wait with bated breath for this beauty of a smartphone (which will undoubtedly click some remarkable pictures too), let’s not forget that Google’s Pixel 3 lineup isn’t over! There may be a budget version of the Pixel 3 on its way that might just, wait for it, pack a 3.5mm jack! Too bad the Pixel 4 doesn’t show any signs of one though!

Designer/Visualizer: Jonas Dähnert