Your desktop, console, and mobile games all in one place… that’s the vision behind the LUDI controller

The LUDI is an incredibly ambitious concept that could easily be every gamer’s wet dream. Imagine having one console to rule every gaming platform. Your Google Stadia games, Apple Arcade games, Microsoft xCloud games, Steam games, all in one device. LUDI is a handheld controller that docks your phone into it, turning it into a renegade Nintendo Switch, but with the capability to work across platforms. The device comes with an aesthetic that’s comfortable to look at an even more comfortable to hold, with all the controllers you could possibly need, from a D-pad, dual analog sticks, XYAB buttons, and two shoulder buttons on each side. LUDI’s independence makes it work across platforms, compatible with both Android and Apple phones, while its internal slider allows it to expand to fit XL phones too. It comes with its own audio-unit, with speaker grilles on the back to give you rich gameplay audio, and even packs a large battery pack and wireless charger that keeps your phone powered for longer while you’re gaming, because the last thing you need is a low battery notification while you’re in the middle of an intense, nail-biting battle with the enemy, am I right??

Designer: Antoine Beynel (miio studio)