All it Takes is a Push

Tried getting AA batteries out of any device lately? It’s not easy. I usually defer to banging the device upside down in my palm to eject them but if the Seesaw ever comes to fruition, those days are over. It’s a AA battery with a paradigm shift in packaging. The tapered edges makes it easy to eject one end by pushing down on the opposite side. Clever, CLEVER!

Designer: Young-Suk Kim


  • Jimmy C says:

    This is a good design. And even if it won't come out, you can just pull it out by the notch! Ingenious!

  • engineeringthoughts says:

    This may reduce the capacity of the battery (due to internal battery construction).

    I really like this concept – I'm not a fan of the proposed implementation. Rather than changing battery shape, which are standardized – change the device that the battery goes into – make a pocket in the holder to allow the same see saw action.

    Or the tried a true method of putting a piece of ribbon in the battery holder – that's not very arthritis friendly…

  • guusdehoog says:

    Interesting concept… Very nice explanation and great visuals. What render software did you use?
    I do agree with @engineeringthoughts that we should design our products for better interaction. Maybe in the future we will. But that doesn't mean all the poor designed products should remain in their terrible state (or end up on the landfills). This concept could be a solution for those products!

  • Dave says:

    I saw a beautiful painting at the museum. So I asked the artist, “what brand of canvas did you use?”

    • engineeringthoughts says:

      I generally ask what medium is used – the process too if it seems interesting. But if you don't want to know, I certainly won't stop you from avoiding such information.

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